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Diwali Diya
Let your kids have fun during Diwali by indulging in creative Diwali crafts. With this article, know the different craft ideas for kids for Diwali.

Diwali Crafts For Kids

The festival of lights is celebrated as Diwali throughout India and world with much delight and magnificence. Observed to honor Lord Ram’s return from 14 years exile, Diwali is celebrated over five days, marked with different traditions and rituals. In fact, this blissful occasion is a perfect time for families and friends to get in touch with one another and exchange sweet moments. Along with the adults, the kids also enjoy a great time during Diwali. There are a number of art and craft activities that can keep the kids engaged. Diwali crafts also help the kids to develop their creative abilities. Right from the diyas to the rangolis, kids can replicate them with some colors and pieces of paper. This Diwali, let your kids do some of the following activities turning Diwali into a fun and enjoyable fęte.

Diwali Craft Ideas For Kids

Paper Diya
The paper diya is simple to make and can be hanged in the doors or windows. What you would need is a yellow textured paper, more textured paper in bright colors, a golden colored string and some golden glitter glue. First, cut out the shape of a flame from the yellow paper and a diya from the other textured paper. Then, you need to make a hole at the bottom of the flame and in the middle of the diya, and then tie them together with the golden colored string. Next, tie some golden colored string at the top of the flame to hang it. Finally, using the glitter glue, write ‘Happy Diwali’ on the diya and flame. Hang it and see the paper diya swing in the air.

Diya Collage
Diya collage card can be made easily from scraps of fabric, paper and old cards. Using simple collage techniques, kids can make some attractive Diwali cards. To make a diya collage card, you will need a sheet of A4 card, some patterned and textured paper or fabric in bright colors, glue and glitters. First, fold the card in half. Cut a paper in rectangle shape, a bit shorter than the face of the card and paste it on the card. Next, cut three different colored diyas from the scrap of textured paper and fabric, and paste them on the card. Next cut three flames, but make sure they are either yellow or golden colored and paste them on the card above the diyas. Write a Diwali greeting note inside the card and if you want to make the card dazzle, spread some glitter on the card.

Glass Painted Candle Holder
The best way to recycle those old glass jars would be to use them as decorative items this Diwali, with some little modifications. For this, you will need a small glass jar, craft wire and some glass paints. Wrap the wire tightly around the neck of the jar and then make a loop over the top of the jar to create a handle. Kids might need some adult help, to tie the wire properly. Next, use glass paints to draw various patterns on the glass jar. You can use colors of your choice and make patterns as simple as multicolored dots to some unique geometrical patterns. Place a candle inside the jar and in the evening, light it up and hang it in the balcony or inside your home.

Rangoli for Kids
Kids can also try their hands on drawing the traditional rangoli, but with some little changes of raw material and surface. To draw a rangoli you would need chalks of various colors, black paper or sand paper and a ruler. Use chalk and ruler to draw out a grid of dots. Then, connect those dots with a chalk with the kind of shape you want to give, which may be triangle, a circle or a square. Use colored chalks to color in the designs and make some fascinating rangolis. You can let your paper rangoli stay on the surface or you can hang them by attaching a simple string.

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