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Give Diwali a unique touch by making Diwali cards at home. Learn how to make a homemade Diwali card by strolling through this article.

Diwali Homemade Cards

A celebration full of grandeur and dazzle, Diwali is regarded as the most significant festival in the Hindu religion. This festival of lights is an occasion for joyous and merrymaking celebrations. The festivities are characterized by lights, diyas, sweets, crackers, fireworks and lots of love and care sharing. Nonetheless, Diwali celebrations can be given a personal touché through personalized cards. The markets are flooded with a variety of designer Diwali cards as the festival advances. So, why not make an exception this time and opt for homemade cards which would carry your personal insignia. Not only unique, homemade cards allow you to use your imagination in creating a variety of new and innovative designs. Given here is a simple method for making a homemade Diwali card. Take a look!

How To Make A Homemade Diwali Card

Things Required
  • Handmade Paper Sheets (in a variety of colors which are usually thick as a cardboard)
  • A few meters Golden or Silver Lace
  • Glitter Tubes (for decoration)
  • Small plastic stickers of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha
  • A few Chamkis and Kundans
  • Glitter Pens/Normal Pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors
How To Make
  • Cut out rectangles from handmade paper sheets in various sizes and colors as per your desire.
  • After cutting out the rectangles, fold them into half.
  • Paste the golden or silver lace at the borders of the front side of the card.
  • Paste stickers of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha in the centre of the card on the front side.
  • If you wish, you can draw diyas around the deity and decorate them with kundans and chamkis.
  • Open the card and write a cute and appealing Diwali message using glitter pens.
  • Repeat with the remaining cards.
  • Your homemade Diwali cards are ready for gifting to your near and dear ones.

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