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Considered to be the biggest and grandest festival of the Hindus, Diwali is celebrated over five days in the month of October or November. Marked with immense zeal and enthusiasm, this auspicious occasion is commemorated throughout India and across the globe. A highly religious festival, one can find cultures, rituals and traditions oozing out through this festive season. Adoring new clothes, visiting family and friends, lighting lamps and diyas, cracking fireworks and savoring elaborate feasts and desserts are some of the highlights of Diwali. Different traditions and rituals are followed throughout India to celebrate the festival; however, the main essence of the occasion remains the same - celebrating the victory of good over evil and light over darkness.

A unique confluence of happiness, bliss and prosperity, Diwali is an opportunity for family members and loved ones to come closer and mingle with one another sharing some of the cherished moments together. People exchange greetings by presenting gifts and greetings cards to one another. Those living in far off places or abroad prefer sending gifts and greetings through mails. However, with the advancement of technology, one can wish his/her close one through e-cards and SMS. With just a click of the mouse or entering the phone number of the recipient, you can send your greetings to multiple acquaintances instantly. Check out this section for some unique and heartfelt wishes for sending them to your near and dear ones.

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The advances of technology has brought in various changes in Diwali celebrations over the years and one such change is the replacement of the traditional greeting cards with the modern electronic cards. With just a few clicks, you can send a Diwali e-card to your friend in the United States from India.

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Diwali is a celebration of lights and an exceptional display of fireworks. It is the time when families mingle together to enjoy festivities at home. People exchange gifts and sweets with their friends and neighbors. Diwali greeting cards play a very important role in the conveying Diwali wishes with a personal touch.

Diwali Greetings
Diwali is the celebration of the annihilation of ignorance, darkness and evil from our souls and the environment around, and of light, knowledge, purity and prosperity. Across the country, it is a time for family and friends to get together share some festive moments while commemorating this auspicious occasion.

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A celebration full of grandeur and dazzle, Diwali is regarded as the most significant festival in the Hindu religion. This festival of lights is an occasion for joyous and merrymaking celebrations. The festivities are characterized by lights, diyas, sweets, crackers, fireworks and lots of love and care sharing.

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Diwali is festival that is widely celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across India and throughout the world. Observed over a period of five days, Diwali is a festival of colors, lights and togetherness. Families and friends come together during this festival and take active participation in the varied festivities.

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Diwali is not just confined to those colorful rangolis and diyas that the festival is generally associated with. There is a spiritual dimension to it that we should never forget amidst the grandeur of the celebrations. Diwali is about bringing the light of knowledge and purity inside us and cleansing the darkness and ignorance within.

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The most auspicious and significant festival of the Hindu community, Diwali, is celebrated with immense vigor and galore throughout India and around the world. Marked by lighting lamps and diyas, preparing and gifting sweets, exchanging gifts and good wishes, bursting noisy crackers and sparkling fireworks, Diwali is a unique festival in its own manner.

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